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This’s a very interesting article originally written by Pastor Jack Wellman from As an awakening I asked him a permission to translate it into another language in order to post it here. Hope it will help you to build the bridge before is too late.

Here are five things you should tell your parents before they’re gone.

I Love You

I know that many people grew up never hearing “I love you” from dad or sometimes mom, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t love you. Some families lived in cultural backgrounds where they just didn’t say “I love you” that often. But love is more than words. Consider what your parents did for so many years, a long labor of love. So tell them “I love you” even if you don’t hear it in return.

Thank You

Not being thankful is described by the Apostle Paul as one of the attributes of unbelievers during the end times, and how unthankful it seems we are today. When was the last time we said “thank you” to someone? I don’t mean insincere flattery but genuinely complimenting someone for something they did or are doing. Of course, that means your parents. No one knows the day or hour of their departure, so tell them “thank you” before it’s too late.

I Am Sorry

To me, the eight most important words we can ever say to someone, parents included, are “I love you,” “thank you,” and “I am sorry.” These all take humility to say, and that’s just what God desires in us. It is so refreshing to hear someone apologize, and I feel cleansed when I tell someone I am sorry. It’s like a load’s been lifted. Don’t hesitate to tell your parents you’re sorry when it’s needed.

I Needed It

No young child will ever come up to you and say, “Thank you dad or mom for disciplining me. I really needed that.” No, that will not likely happen until the child’s grown or, more likely, when they have children of their own. Tell your parents today that you appreciate their discipline when you were young and that you needed it, as every child does. Discipline is a sign of parental love.

See You Later

When a parent is close to dying, it’s not goodbye but “see you later” because for the Christian, there is hope beyond the grave (1 Corinthians 15). We who have repented and trusted in Christ will see our saved loved ones again in the kingdom. Oh, what a day that will be. Encourage your parents that not even death can separate us from God or from one another in the kingdom of God (Romans 8:38-39).


We have to do more than swallow our pride. We need to kill it because God will resist every prideful person (James 4:6). We ought to humble ourselves before our parents and honor them and thank them for all they’ve done. Tell them you love them. Thank them. Tell them you are sorry for some of the grief you caused them. Tell them you needed their loving discipline. And it’s never goodbye but “see you later.”

May God richly bless you,

Pastor Jack Hellman

We do what we need to do, but we are always relying on God. We know he has more wisdom than we do and more power than we can imagine. So we look to Him, we pray to him, we count on him, we trust him.

A very interesting and must read article by Kyle Idleman read the full text HERE.


It’s the year’s last week. So, wouldn’t be great to have a last challenge to put God’s Word into action this year?


“Brothers and sisters, we ask you to show appreciation to those who are working hard among you and those who are your leaders as they guide and instruct you in the Lord…” 1 Thessalonians 5:12 (The Voice)


Send a card to your pastor or Bible study teacher this week, thanking them for what they do.
Well, don’t be intimidated if you find this after 2015, just be a Christian wherever you’re and make this challenge a life style.
El Predicador

Thank you

Tenho seguido o Dr. Craig e tudo relacionado a Apologética há já alguns bons anos mas, sobretudo, em Ingles. Encontrei este artigo (resposta a uma questão) em Português (do blog Fé Racional) e deixo cá para vossa edificação e, claro, convido-o a deixar a sua marca nos comentários.


Tradução:Eliel Vieira

Dr. Craig,

Em nossa escola bíblica dominical meu marido e eu temos utilizado seu livro Apologética para questões difíceis da vida ao abordar muitas questões difíceis que a igreja encara hoje, em particular aquelas que nossos alunos tem mais dificuldade. Nossa classe tem tido discussões muito vivas e eles tem começado a entender a fé deles de forma racional, a fim de defendê-la de forma acurada e adequada em nossa cultura não-bíblica atual.

Estamos passando por dificuldades de opiniões diferentes em grandes pontos sobre o tópico da homossexualidade. Especialmente no ponto de que a Bíblia condena o comportamento e os atos homossexuais, mas não a orientação homossexual. A frase em seu livro, “É perfeitamente possível ser um homossexual e um cristão cheio do Espírito” causou alguma confusão uma vez que muitos acreditam que Deus não “criaria” uma pessoa com orientação homossexual.

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Actions speak better than simple words. We’re called to live the Word so, let’s take an Action Challenge. Ready?!


Whenever you cross my mind, I thank my God for you and for the gift of knowing you. My spirit is lightened with joy whenever I pray for you (and I do constantly).” Philippians 1:3,4 (The Voice)


Express appreciation this week to someone that you might normally overlook or take for granted.

Source: God’s Word in Action

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