Lessons on April 28

Posted: April 29, 2020 in 小さい爆弾/Pequenas bombas/Bomblets
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You’ll never know God is all you need until you discover that God is all you have.” – Dr. Tony Evans

The need for a superpower is more than evident right now. Still, more than a superpower, it is a being with characteristics above humankind, a being who is in the past, present, and future at the same time. A creature not controlled by time neither space all we need. This being is the One Christians call God, Yahweh, the great I AM…

Crisis causes people to react like crazy.” – John C. Maxwell

Everybody goes through a crisis at a certain point in his/her life, i.e., economic, financial, emotional, academic, career, etc. several types of crises. Right now, all of us are facing the pandemic era. The end of a crisis shows those who saw their struggles as an opportunity to grow and add values to others; those are the folks making a difference in society. Those who can’t react positively while in crisis will suffer much. The crisis represents a time to get mature. Invest wisely in your time, and don’t waste it for that’s your life passing by.

What we need is responses based on reflections and not reactions based on emotions.“- John C. Maxwell

People react in different ways during a crisis, and sadly many respond according to their emotions. I must come with something highly potential after the hard time I’m facing. Focusing on getting answers to questions such as “what am I learning now/from this?” makes a massive difference during the crisis because they do help to appreciate the time. That’s the reflection area (learning zone of crisis), as well as after that time to make on practice what we got from the crisis, that is, responses (growth zone).

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